My Road to Palm Reading

Have you ever heard the expression “I know it like the back of my hand?” When I was growing up in rural Ireland, I heard people say that a lot, but I never really thought about it. Years later, I think it is an odd and revealing turn of phrase, because most people aren’t really familiar with their hands. You see them all the time, but if you give someone a pair of gloves and then ask them to draw a sketch of their hands, they can’t. Which is a pity, because there is a lot of wisdom hidden in those hands.
My twin sister and I decided to consult a fortune teller on our sixteenth birthday, as a bit of a lark. I didn’t believe in fortune telling or not believe in it, it just wasn’t something that I had thought much about. She told us a number of things about our lives, including the fact that I would be in America before the end of the year. That sounded impossible, but then a series of long-shot opportunities all lined up for me, and I found myself living in Boston. That made me think, and that was really what put me on a path towards fortune telling and spiritual guidance..
There are many kinds of fortune telling, of course, and each has its strengths and weaknesses, and each has its particular contexts. Some kinds of fortune-telling are more appropriate for certain people, or for certain questions. My parents had always worked with their hands, and always told me that that was the best work. So it was to honor them that I really decided to focus on chiromancy, or palm reading.

The Book You Never Put Down

Your hands are your chief point of contact with the world, and they are, in the words of my teacher (who is now gone to a different world), the “book you never put down.” It is an ancient science; it was already well-established in the time of Alexander the Great, who used palmistry to choose his officers.
Even outside of palmistry, everyone is aware of the relationship between people’s hands and their essence, soul, or psyche. We all note the difference between left-handed and right-handed people. We talk about a “pianist’s fingers” or “powerful hands” or “artistic hands”, and these are not just descriptions of size and shape. We can watch a baby of a few weeks old discover that the tiny hands flailing in front of its face belong to her, and are not just random objects. And that is the first real moment of identifying the self, by looking at one’s own palms and realizing they are yours.
Hands speak. Palm reading is just a training in how to listen to them.

My Calling and You

While I was learning palmistry, a tragedy struck me: my twin, back in Ireland, died very suddenly. I was devastated. I realized that I had been warned, twice over: first the hints of the fortune teller we saw on our birthday; but more to the point, it was written on my hands, like a scar that came before the wound. A scar I had very carefully ignored, despite my training.
As I swam through that grief, I realized that it was not enough for me to simply learn a craft of divination and share it with people. We need more than a glimpse of our futures. We need to learn how to face those futures. And so I realized that I wanted to become a spiritual coach, not just a palm reader or fortune teller. After all, no true divination is going to be all good news. We can, with the wisdom of the ages, use divination to plot a course through our own destiny that is resolute, serene, and joyful. But that is a larger calling than simply knowing in advance that you will move to Boston, or that your sister is mortal.
That work is what I have trained in, and what I am called to share with you. If I can be of any service to you in that journey, contact me.